Space for Transformation

<aside> 🌀 Confronting yourself isn’t easy work. But it can lead to transformation. Mental, physical and spiritual obstacles abound. But we believe that learning how to regulate yourself – and your emotions – in a world that can’t be regulated can and should be a memorable voyage. Maybe even an adventure. And it’s one way you can serve the world. To discover infinite connection, we first must create a relationship with ourselves and others.

Apprenticeship. Mentorship. Leadership. Allyship. Partnership. Companionship. Worship. Relationship.

What ship are you building?


About Othership

Welcome aboard the Othership: a space to shift your emotional state in collective ways through sauna, ice bath and breathwork.

Othership is building the future of emotional wellness through social hot + cold experiences and an immersive breathwork app that explores the ins + outs of the transformative power of our breath.

We are creating opportunities to practice emotional regulation as the trained capacity to ride the tides of change and become a catalyst for it. Our healthy social experiences offer a toolkit of power + awareness in action for folks interested in mindfulness, meditation, longevity, entrepreneurship, performance, art and culture.

In breathing + sweating with Othership, you’ll have exposure to certification programs, retreats, and personal growth + development opportunities from leading facilitators around the world.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of blasting off with us: you’ll both contribute to and witness others shifting their states - ultimately serving as a vessel for transformation.

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Front Desk Steward

Cleaning Deckhand

Early Morning Cleaning Deckhand


Crewmate Sweat Equity


Co-Pilot Program

Equal Opportunity Employment

Climb aboard the Othership as we journey towards a diverse + inclusive community.

We proudly embrace equal opportunity employment. Our aim is to ensure fair representation across every aspect of our community - from our hiring practices and community offerings to our programs and how we promote ourselves.

The word other in the context of a pronoun refers to a person or thing that is different or distinct from one already mentioned or known about. In the context of a verb the action to other is divisive: to treat a culture as fundamentally different from another class of individuals, often by emphasizing its apartness.

What if the thing that differentiates us + them was actually something worth honouring?

What if we gave more attention to our indivisible uniqueness?

How would our shared worlds flourish if we made space to be our fullest expressions of self?

At Othership we welcome…

…all backgrounds.

…all beliefs.

…all gender identities.

…all sexual orientations.

…all ethnicities.

…all body types.

…all age groups.

We invite and encourage individuals from all backgrounds + experiences to apply. We look forward to journeying with you and all the insights + propensities that make you you.


Welcome to Othership